I love a Disney Musical...

One thing you need to know about me is I have a deep love for Disney movies. When I'm sick, I still watch a Disney cartoon while drinking a glass of orange juice and fresca. It's extremely comforting and just brings me back to my childhood.

I remember when Aladdin came out and going to see it at the Esplanade movie theatre at Christmas time with my soccer team. It's important that you know I went with my soccer team because it's proof I played a sport at some point. It doesn't matter that the only reason I lasted two years was because I liked the orange slices at halftime anyways back to Aladdin. I remember buying the cassette and listening to it over and over again. I remember waking up Christmas morning to find Aladdin and Jasmine Barbie dolls complete with Rajah under the tree. This movie is my childhood and I did not think a musical would live up to my glorious memories from when I was seven, but god dang it if the mouse doesn't know how to pull off some serious Disney Magic.

I saw Aladdin the Musical last week and I had a great time. The costumes were stunning. The sets were stunning. The entire production was absolutely stunning. The cast was insanely stunning. Seriously I have never seen so many abs and costumes covered in so many sequins and bejewels in my life!! I especially appreciated the Genie rocking some subtle body glitter. It took me back to my dance festival days and the sweet roll on glitter. Anybody else remember that stuff?! All of the Disney magic was there and more. I don't know how but they upped their game from Mary Poppins. I want to work on the show just so I can find out how the carpet works. There are around four costume changes for every ensemble member in the 6 minute epic Prince Ali which opens Act II. I mean holy crap are those dressers working hard back stage. It's seriously impressive.

It's just great going to a show and getting to just sit back and have a good time. I just wish I got to see this show as a kid. I can't imagine how overwhelmed and excited I would have been seeing Aladdin at seven instead of now through my bitter, jaded eyes!! 

The show knows exactly what it wants to be and does it extremely beautifully. It's pure fun family entertainment and sometimes that's just what the doctor ordered. Now if only they served orange juice and fresca at the theatre and I'd be set...or maybe a mimosa. I mean I am an adult now!