January in Review!

January started off with a bang with two 10-day rounds of antibiotics for tonsilitis that did not want to go away!! Not really how I wanted to start the year, but luckily I caught it early so I did have to stop singing to my hearts content.

 You can watch him on the screen or live!! BRILLIANT!

You can watch him on the screen or live!! BRILLIANT!

This month I only saw four shows, which is definitely low for me. What I lacked in numbers I made up for with amazing, interesting and once in a lifetime theatre experiences. The year started off with a bang seeing Christian Slater in Glengarry Glen Ross. Up next was one of the most unreal theatre experiences of my life, Bryan Cranston and Michelle Dockery in the best hybrid of live theatre and film I have ever seen. Network utilized the entire theatre and even the outside of the National to bring to life this adapted screenplay. The camera work was unreal and there was a full restaurant on the stage with actual diners!! It was wild. I will never forget this show. Bryan Cranston was living and breathing the script. I have never seen such a raw and honest performance. If it wasn't sold out I would have seen it 10 more times!!

 Creepiest set design ever and I'm all for it.

Creepiest set design ever and I'm all for it.

The last two shows were both new british musicals. Everybody's Talking about Jamie might be one of the catchiest shows I've ever seen. I still can't get the songs out of my head. I bought the recording and it the songs are now my workout tunes! I highly recommend taking a listen. My only sadness is the recording doesn't feature the original cast, and I am missing the epic vocals of Lucie Shorthouse. She is a flipping beast. Last up was The Grinning Man, a retelling of Victor Hugo's classic. The puppetry was unreal and so beautiful. The set took over the entire theatre and the procenium was a huge creepy smile stretching out in the audience. Visually the show was stunning, but I was expecting the experience to be overall darker. There was almost moments of pantomime which I did not expect. Louis Maskell's physicality and voice were out of this world though.


On my end I've been working on a few things. At the beginning of February I'm taking part in an awesome cabaret, If You Can Dream featuring the music of Disney and Animated Classics(hence my obsession with Disney music lately!!). Basically if you're not here you are not missing out because all the songs I'm singing have been featured in my recordings. It's been really great meeting other performers and collaborating with them. We've had a few rehearsals and I think it's going to be a really fun night. Spoiler alert there is a full Disney Medley and it's pretty epic.

I also started going to a masterclass to try and get over some of my audition anxiety. Over the past few years I've found it's gotten a little out of control. I know nerves are a normal part of auditioning, but lately it's definitely sabotaged me to an extreme. I thought these classes would help, just getting out there and working on music in front of a group of strangers....but it hasn't exactly done that. You've got to keep trucking though. This is just a new hurdle that I need to learn to control and conquer. If anyone has any tips I will totally take them!!

Overall January was a really great start to the year. I've challenged myself and learnt a lot in the process. I have a feeling February is going to take it to the next level though!

2017 Year in Review

Favourite Theatrical Memories of 2017

So it may be 2018 but I've been reflecting on all the shows and experiences I've had this past year and there have been a lot. There are shows that have stayed with me and one's I wish I could forget. Here's my Top 10 List of Theatrical Experiences for 2017 in chronological order.


1. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Let's just say it was a very magical show. I will not give any spoilers, but I have never seen such effective use of theatre "magic" in my life. It was everything I wanted it to be and more! There is a moment when your mind is literally blown but again no spoilers. You'll just have to come to the West End or wait for the show to come to Broadway this spring.

2. An American in Paris - This was on my bucket list since it came to Broadway and it did not disappoint. I've never seen such a beautiful marriage of ballet, theatre and music. I ended up seeing the show 3 times because I kept taking people to see the show so they could experience all it's beauty. It will be shutting it's doors on the West End this month but this show will stick me for years to come.

3. Half a Sixpence - I have never seen such joy emanating from the stage as I did in Charlie Stemp's performance. I couldn't help but smile the entire show. It was a simple, sweet show and it was everything I wanted it to be. Sometimes all you need and all you want is a simple tune.


4. Bettrofenheit -  The brutal honesty and vulnerabity in Bettrofenheit made it a night to remember. I am in awe of Jonathon Young for creating such a raw piece of art.

5. Come From Away - I was in New York for four days to visit family and had the chance to see one show...obviously it was going to be Come From Away. I have never been so proud to be Canadian as I was watching this show. I hear rumours it is coming to the West End...I hope this happens! Everyone should get to see this show.

6. Circle Game - I couldn't stop beaming sitting next to one of my closest friend's Anna Kuman watching the show she created with her husband Andy Cohen. The interpretations of Joni Mitchell's music brought a whole new meaning to her music. The talent on stage was incredible and reminded me how special the Vancouver theatre scene is.


7. Elektra Women's Choir at El Palau de la Musica - This is by far the theatre highlight of my year. Getting to see my cousin perform alongside Elektra Women's Choir in Barcelona during the 11th World Symposium on Choral Music was amazing. She sang the most gorgeous solo during Primary Colours, a song commissioned in memory of my grandmother. Let's just say this performance brought a lot of proud tears. So happy I could represent the family.

8. Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill - Audra McDonald is a force. The final image of her singing while the spotlight tightened until   there was nothing left but darkness...inspired!

9. The Ferryman - At over three hours you'd think I'd be ready for the play to be over, but with Ferryman when the final curtain fell I wanted to yell "NO, It can't be over!!". It was exhausting and thrilling and epic. Paddy Considine...that is all.

10. Drunk Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing- This was one of the funniest nights I have ever experienced. Simple concept, one actor gets completely drunk and continues to drink through the performance while the rest of the cast tries to do a legitimate performance of Much Ado About Nothing. The show is complete with an audience member holding a bucket "just in case". Comedy gold!!

So that's my top 10 for 2017....excited to see what my top 10 will be for 2018. I have a feeling my list is starting off right. Seeing Network with Bryan Cranston next week at the National Theatre.

So I moved to London...

So seeing as I've moved across the world I decided I should write a blog. Let's hope I keep up to date with it and it doesn't fade in two months, however let's not judge me if you come back to the site and this portion of the website is gone! I've never been known for my writing but let's go for it.


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